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How to Organize Your Makeup: 6 Best Tips

Are you constantly searching for that one perfect lipstick or eye shadow? Maybe you have too many products and don’t know how to organize them all. If your makeup collection is in need of a little TLC, then check out these 10 best tips on how to organize your makeup. From decluttering to creating a system that works for you, we’ve got you covered.

Keep all of your makeup in one place

MakeupIn order to keep your makeup organized, it is important to find a spot where all of your beauty products can live. Makeup organizers, boxes, and drawers can provide the perfect home for everything from lipstick and eyeliner to foundation and eyeshadow. No matter which one you choose, always make sure it’s easily accessible for when you need it. It won’t do any good if you have to spend time digging through half a dozen places before finding what you’re looking for! Taking the time to group similar products together will save you even more time later, as well as create an easy-to-navigate space that makes finding your makeup hassle-free.

Sort your makeup by type – foundation, powder, eyeshadow, etc

Whether you like to use makeup on a daily basis or only on special occasions, it can be hard to keep your collection organized and easy to find. To make the process simpler, it’s best to sort and store your makeup by type rather than having all products mixed together. Start off by categorizing your foundation, powder, eyeshadow, blush, and any other product types you have in separate compartments; this will make it easier when you want to pick out specific items. Additionally, review existing products frequently so that new ones don’t get buried or moved around into the wrong section. Following this tip for organizing makeup will help create an efficient beauty routine for years to come!

Get rid of any expired makeup or products you no longer use

Having an organized makeup collection means more than just sorting what you do currently own- it also means regularly cleaning out expired beauty products or items you no longer use. Expired makeup has a higher chance of harboring bacteria and germs, which can cause skin irritation and infection; not to mention, having past its expiration date drastically diminishes the efficacy of certain products. Though it can be difficult letting go of some items- especially if you’ve already made an investment in them- make sure to regularly check for anything that is expired and properly remove them from your storage area.

Wipe down your makeup products and brushes regularly

It’s essential to keep your makeup products clean and sanitized; not only is it unsightly and unhygienic to use expired or contaminated makeup items, you can also get infections if certain bacteria remain on your brushes or products. To keep everything safe to use, consider wiping down your makeup items and brushes regularly. This will prevent bacteria build-up and keep your beauty stash sparkly clean and shining. Furthermore, even if you don’t use a product often but plan to do so in the near future, give it a quick wipe just in case. This small gesture of prevention can go a long way in staying healthy while using makeup.

Invest in some good quality makeup brushes

makeup brushesInvesting in quality makeup brushes can be a game changer when it comes to your beauty routine. Quality brushes can help you create a professional look, as they are designed to pick up and disperse the right amount of product each and every time. Good quality brushes also last longer than cheaper options, so they will not need to be replaced as quickly. When you commit to investing in quality brushes, make sure that you take proper care of them by regularly washing them. This will ensure that your brush bristles remain soft and allow for more even makeup application.

Store your makeup in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

An essential for keeping your makeup properly organized is to store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Not only will direct light degrade the quality and effectiveness of your makeup over time, but heat from direct exposure also accelerates degrading and could even cause expiration of certain products. If you don’t have somewhere indoors that you can keep your makeup free from direct exposure to the sun, consider placing your items in a storage box and strategically selecting an outdoor covered spot that retains the most shade possible throughout the day. By taking these simple steps to ensure proper storage, you’ll be helping to make sure that your beloved cosmetics stay looking their best for as long as possible!

If you follow these tips, you should be able to keep your makeup collection neat, tidy, and organized. No more searching for that one lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, or shadow pan that always seems to disappear! You can also get professional makeup application services from our artists at Live Love Lash in London, Ontario.