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Russian Eyelashes

This eyelash extension technique embodies the essence of ultra-fine, weightless, and airy lashes. Russian Lashes, a marvel of synthetic lash craftsmanship, are meticulously applied to individual natural eyelashes in an elegant fan-like arrangement. Their feather-light and delicate nature provide beauty technicians with the freedom to affix multiple lashes to each of your natural strands.

Russian Extensions create a volume upon your lashes, culminating in a lush and luxuriant appearance. 

How It Works

Russian Style Eyelashes

Before applying Russian volume lashes, your natural lashes are thoroughly cleaned and primed to ensure they are free of any oils, makeup, or residue that might affect the bond of the lash extensions.Russian volume lashes are created by hand-making lash fans. This involves taking very thin and lightweight synthetic lash extensions or “lash fibers” and forming them into a fan-like shape. The number of lash fibers in each fan can vary, typically ranging from 2 to 6 or more depending on the desired volume.

Why it’s great

Russian Eyelash Extension Services

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