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Microblading gives télia clients the bold brows and perfect arches of their dreams! A less-invasive procedure than brow tattoos and other forms of “permanent makeup,” microblading doesn’t go as deep and allows for more natural-looking, hair-like strokes. Permanent Makeup (PMU) is an amazing treatment that brings lasting results. View our full list of beauty salon services. 

If you’re coming from another artist, please book a free complimentary consultation appointment to ensure that the work was done properly and that we are able to work on it.

How It Works

Professional Microblading Services

In microblading, our expert team of estheticians use a blade-like instrument to make precise, small incisions while depositing a semi-permanent pigment just below the skin. We can make sparse-looking eyebrows look fuller, lighter brows look darker, and fill in any gaps.

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Microblading Benefits

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