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Mega Extensions

Mega volume eyelash extensions consist of meticulously crafted lash fans composed of exceptionally fine lash strands. These delicate fans are skillfully affixed to your natural lashes, resulting in a remarkably voluminous yet feather-light style. Mega volume lashes are the ideal choice for individuals seeking heightened drama or those who regularly embrace makeup as part of their beauty routine.

How It Works

Mega Style Eyelashes

Mega volume eyelash extensions follow the same application process as regular volume lash extensions, with a minor distinction in the type of lash used. These mega volume fans are meticulously crafted, consisting of 6-15 incredibly thin lashes that are expertly fanned out to achieve an exceptionally lightweight feel on your natural lashes. Your natural lashes undergo a natural growth cycle, and even if your lashes still appear full, some extensions may need removal and replacement if they’ve outgrown. This ensures lash health and preserves the original styling of your set.

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