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Proper Lash Aftercare: Why It’s Important


If you have short eyelashes or want to add volume, eyelash extensions can create fuller, more beautiful eyes without the need for mascara. After your appointment, though, you’ll want to take good care of your extensions! Here’s why following proper lash care – especially in the first 24 hours – is so important. 

Why Is Proper Lash Aftercare So Important?


Aftercare – maintenance of semi permanent makeup in the days and weeks following your appointment – is necessary for preserving the look of your lashes. They are absolutely essential on the first day after your extension appointment, as the adhesives could still be setting!

Think about your eyelash extensions as an investment. Proper aftercare protects this investment to save you money, as you won’t need to maintain or replace the extensions as often. You’ll also keep them looking their best for longer!

Luckily, the rules for caring for them are easy to follow, with most having a 24-hour expiration. These lash extension aftercare rules are also pretty universal, remaining the same regardless of your adhesive or application style!


Avoid Moisture For 24 Hours


Clients must wait 24 hours before introducing any moisture to their eyelash extensions: avoid hot showers, cooking over their stove, working out, and yes, if possible, crying! Introducing water to the eyelash extensions too soon after they are could cause their lashes to fall out almost immediately. We make sure the client knows this before their appointment so they can plan accordingly. 


Wash Your Lashes


Lash aftercareMany people read the first tip and treat their lashes with kid gloves after, thinking that no moisture for 24 hours means no washing ever. The opposite is true – you should be washing your lash extensions every day! They should wash their lashes to make sure they keep them clean and clear of debris, products containing oil, and even dust mites. 

Don’t use any old face wash, though. You do need the proper foaming lash cleanser, made with gentle ingredients and no parabens.


Avoid Oil-Based Products


Avoiding oil-based cleansers can extend to all products. Many clients think, “No more oil-based mascara, done.” It’s a bit more complicated than that! Any facial product, from facial cleansers to moisturizers to your favourite foundation, is incredible. 

These products get absorbed by our skin, but they don’t just affect the surface on which they are applied – the ingredients can spread to our lash follicles, even if we avoid the eye area! You’ll even want to let your clients know that oil-based body lotion can cause retention issues without them even knowing!


Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes


Rubbing your eyes might be a subconscious tendency you have – you may even rub your eyes while sleeping! However, it’s important to try and curb this habit: the pressure combined with the oils and moisturizers on your hands will break down the adhesive, causing extensions to fall out prematurely. 


Try Not To Sleep On Your Face


Lash aftercareNot everyone is a face sleeper, but those who do sleep face-down on the pillow often have lashes that go every-which-way. Unfortunately, this can wreak havoc on lash extensions. If you can’t change your sleeping habits, try using a satin or silk pillowcase to make the night less dangerous for your extensions. You may have to accept that your eyelashes won’t retain as well as they could be.