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What Is Better: Microblading Or Powder Brows?


If you’re considering getting a permanent makeup (PMU) treatment for eyebrows, you might be wondering which is better: microblading or powder brows?

Both have their own pros and cons, and clients can choose the treatment that best suits their skin type and style. Read through to see which is right for you, but no matter what you choose, you can count on having great-looking eyebrows!

Microblading Or Powder Brows: The Approach


MicrobladingMicroblading eyebrows enhance the eyebrows in a very subtle, natural-looking way. The strokes imitate the look of natural hair, and we perform the appointment with a manual tool that looks like a blade with several tiny needles. The aesthetician uses the device to draw hair-like strokes on the skin, imitating genuine hairs and creating thicker, fuller brows.

Powder eyebrows give a more dramatic look, creating a shade underneath that looks like makeup rather than natural hairs. It’s a semi-permanent makeup technique that gives the eyebrows a misty, powdered effect, similar to wearing makeup. We create this effect by inserting pigments into the surface layers of the skin, using a cosmetic tattooing machine and a dotting technique called pixelization.


Microblading Or Powder Brows: Their Similarities 


microbladingBoth microblading and powder brows have the same intention: enhancing natural brows to fill them out, give them shape, or recreate them from scratch (should a client have alopecia or similar conditions).

Both of these options, while under the “permanent makeup” label, fade away. Both treatments usually last between 1 to 3 years, depending on the client’s skin type, cosmetic routine, lifestyle, and other factors. Maintaining the look requires a repetition of treatment. 

Both approaches break the skin, and they need time to recover and the pigments to settle. It takes about six weeks for both powder brows and microblading. In this time, the places can undergo intense darkness or lightness, scabbing, and flaking.


Making The Right Choice


In answering our title question, it all depends on who you are. Your skin type is a factor. Clients with dry skin are great for microblading, as the results will have more definition and look neater. For clients with oily skin, we recommend powder brows; the results last longer and look better with this skin type.

Your natural eyebrows can also determine which PMU is right for you. If your eyebrows are thin and patchy, you should go for microblading to add subtle volume. If you already have brow hair but want them even fuller, go for powder brows.

Think about your style preferences, too. Do you prefer to have a natural look, or are you are a fan of how your brows look with makeup? If you want your brows to look as natural as possible, microblading is the best choice. For those looking for dense, thick eyebrows to round out your makeup, choose powder brows.

Finally, consider your lifestyle. If you wear makeup every day, powder brows will perfectly match the look. Also, if you sweat a lot and are exposed to the sun often, your brows might fade faster. Therefore, you might want to choose powder brows since they last longer.

If you are still not sure which treatment is the best option for you, talk to us – we’ll give you the best recommendation.


Microblading Or Powder Brows: Which Procedure Is Less Uncomfortable?


No matter which approach you choose, many clients hesitate with powder brows or microblading because the appointments sound similar to getting a tattoo. We’re here to assure you that, while both procedures can be a bit uncomfortable, most clients report it not being painful. Before placing the pigments on your eyebrows, we apply a numbing cream, preventing you from feeling any direct pain.

If you’re basing your choice on comfort, microblading has a reputation as being a tad more unpleasant than powder brows. It’s because the incisions are a little slower, dragging the blade through the skin. There might be some more blood than with machine work.