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What Does Microneedling Do?

Though it may sound like a newfangled buzzword, microneedling has been around since at least the 90s. This cosmetic procedure is also known as “dermarolling” or “collagen induction therapy” (CIT). Alopecia, acne scarring, and hyperpigmentation are just some of the areas microneedling can help you. Thinking about giving it a try? Scroll down to see some of the perks of this prickly process.

What On Earth Is Microneedling?


microneedlingAs its name suggests, it involves stimulating an area of skin with small, sterile needles. The area is first numbed with a soothing cream, then a pen-like tool is rolled over the area to encourage the skin to generate the proteins elastin and collagen. The result? Smoother, more vibrant skin that looks younger, healthier, and with fewer wrinkles and blemishes.

If you’re in the market for it, CIT can be combined with various facials and blood therapy for an even more glamorous look. Each treatment takes around 15 minutes depending on the area being treated; most significant results can be noticed after 4 treatments. Consult a dermatologist and take caution if you’re known to have easily irritated skin.


It’s Versatile


Depending on the part of the body receiving treatment, the benefits of microneedling range from encouraging hair growth to eliminating scar tissue. On the face, microneedling can shrink your pores and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. In other areas, like thighs and stomach, it can fill in problematic stretch marks with healthy collagen.


It’s Inexpensive


Before booking any physical procedure, after identifying the problem areas you wish to be treated for, you’re likely to consider the many alternative treatments and talk your options out with an expert. Say you’re looking for a procedure to treat hair loss. Compare and contrast laser treatments and microneedle treatments. After weighing costs both financial and temporal, microneedling should be at the top of your list.


It’s Accessible


microneedlingIn the hands of a seasoned aesthetician, microneedling is relatively pain-free and feels almost like a vibrating massage. It’s also wonderful for maintaining an even skin tone – no matter what tone your skin may be. Dermatologists are now suggesting microneedle treatments over alternative options for patients of darker complexions. Not only can laser hair stimulation treatments drain your bank account, they can affect your skin’s pigmentation in unprecedented ways. Microneedling takes the heat off – literally.

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