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What Is Body Sugaring?

Do you put off removing unwanted hair because of the pain and mess involved? Wax can be a pain (literally), while other treatment options are costly. Maybe the expense of laser hair removal is having you counting your pennies instead of having that stubborn hair removed. If you’re looking for a better way, Live Love Lash London has the solution for you: body sugaring. 

Body sugaring is an alternative to waxing and shaving that’s highly effective, virtually pain-free, and creates almost no skin irritation! Here’s what it is and what you can expect from an appointment. 

What Is Body Sugaring?

Live love lash – Body SugaringBody sugaring is a hair removal treatment similar to waxing. However, it uses a paste made from natural ingredients – lemon, sugar and water – heated together to form a paste that looks like thick honey. Once it’s cooled, we set the paste onto the skin against the direction of the hair growth, followed by a strip; the esthetician then quickly flicks it off, removing the sugar paste and extracting the unwanted hair. 

Body sugaring can also target hairs very early in their growth stages – the hair can be as little as 1/8 of an inch long, typically 7 to 10 days into the growing cycle. It’s half the length needed for waxing. The paste-and-flick technique allows the extraction of unwanted hairs in the direction of their growth, meaning less breakage and discomfort for the client. 

This beauty treatment is thousands of years old, and it’s seeing a resurgence due to the simplicity of the ingredients and the reduced pain. More and more clients want something that’s both good for them and the planet, and body sugaring is just that – all the ingredients are natural and biodegradable. The benefits don’t stop there, though!


Why Choose Body Sugaring?

Sugaring is less painful than waxing because it pulls less on the skin while still extracting the hair efficiently. It helps us reduce the pain and redness associated with traditional waxing as much as possible. Unlike wax, the paste also does not need to be heated, so it will never burn you!

The results are also incredible. You can expect:

  • Smooth, even skin without stubble
  • Slow and minimal hair regrowth
  • No cuts or bruises
  • No irritation

One side benefit to body sugaring is how it exfoliates the skin. When we remove the paste, not only does it take hairs – it also takes dead skin cells! After your appointment, you’ll find that the skin isn’t just hair-free but much smoother, too. 

Body sugaring is a hair removal process that’s quick, comfortable, and uses environmentally-friendly ingredients – what’s not to love? If you need some hair removed, set up an appointment with Live Love Lash London!

Generally, hair grows on a 6-week cycle; we recommend that clients come in for body sugaring once every four weeks for the first three months. It lets us try and get all the hairs to grow on the same cycle.