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Microblading: How To Heal Safely And For Long-Lasting Results

Microblading is a procedure that can fill out the appearance of your eyebrows. Sometimes called “feather touching,” this semi-permanent makeup treatment sees us applying a skin-safe pigment on the eyebrows, just below the skin’s surface in small strokes.

Because the procedure involves making tiny cuts with a fine implement, some post-appointment healing is necessary. Post-care is necessary for the safety of your skin and the longevity of your new eyebrows.

How Will Your Eyebrows Feel After Microblading?


microbladingImmediately following your appointment, the pigment can appear unnatural. The colour of your microblading strokes will appear much darker the next day. Itching and flaking may appear during the first seven days after the procedure; it’s caused by dry skin and superficial colour naturally shedding from the eyebrows. Avoid picking or scratching as it can pull off scabs prematurely and cause patchy results or scarring. 

The entire healing process will take between 4 to 6 weeks, depending on your age and body’s regeneration. Your eyebrows will go through several phases during the healing cycle, but these symptoms may disappear more quickly if you follow these aftercare steps!


Caring For Your Eyebrows To Help Them Heal


After four days, gently apply the post-care ointment with a cotton swab and clean hands. You can do this twice a day for seven days, once in the morning and once at night, but use the ointment sparingly – your skin needs some time to heal itself.

Wash your face carefully around the eyebrow without getting water on the treated area. During the first week after your procedure, keep your face away from the shower or take a warm (not hot!) bath. Do not let any water, lotion, soap, or makeup touch your eyebrow area during this time.

For the next 14 days, make sure to avoid:

  • Intense exercise that induces sweating, including playing and practicing sports
  • Swimming
  • Hot saunas, hot bath, or Jacuzzis
  • Sun tanning or salon tanning
  • Laser and chemical treatments or peelings 
  • Applying creams containing Retin-A or Glycolic acid on the treatment area
  • Performing tasks related to heavy household cleaning such as garage or basement cleaning where there is a lot of airborne debris
  • Drinking alcohol in excess, as it can slow wound healing and lead to excess bleeding
  • Driving in open air vehicles such as bikes, convertibles, boats, and motorcycles
  • Touching the eyebrows except for when rinsing and applying the ointment


Maintaining Your Brows


microbaldingCare goes beyond the first two weeks. Once the brows have completely healed, apply a layer of sunscreen – SPF 30 or SPF 50 – on your eyebrows if you’re heading outside for some sun exposure. UV rays can cause the colour pigment to fade away more quickly.

When using foundation, avoid the area of your healed eyebrows. If foundation covers healed brows, they often appear lighter. The final look of your eyebrows will come in about 30 days after your procedure. A little patience and following the directions above will help them heal properly and look their best for longer!