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Proper Lash Extension Cleansing 101

Taking care of your extensions will help you make the most out of your new luscious lashes. One thing you have to get right is cleaning them! Proper lash extension cleansing is essential for keeping your lashes looking their best. Here are the steps you should follow after your Live Love Lash extension appointment.

Not only will the tips in our guide keep your lashes sanitary, but they double as tips for helping the extensions stay on longer!

Choose The Right Cleanser


Working with a good cleanser is the best way to keep your lashes looking their best while making sure the adhesive securing them doesn’t break down. To remove the excess oils and build-up on the lash extensions, make sure to use a proper cleanser. 

Choose foaming cleansers and makeup removers specifically made for lash extensions – that is, free from oils and alcohol. The oils will break down the glue, causing the lash extension’s life to be drastically shortened – or worse, detach them immediately from the natural lashes. 

You can get the right cleanser from us, but if you have something at home, make sure to check the ingredients before putting it on or near your eyes. Never put a new product on without confirming it doesn’t have oil!


Brush Your Lashes


lashBe sure to brush your lashes every day using a lash brush. This way, you can keep debris from building up throughout the day while keeping the lashes in place, preventing clumping. 

It’s especially necessary in the morning, as lashes can tangle and flip to the side in your sleep. Keeping them in place is to brush them through and fluff them gently. Think about doing this when you brush your teeth in the morning – for the best results, lash brushing has to be a daily habit!


Reduce The Amount Of Makeup You Use On Your Lashes


Makeup gets easily caught between lashes and can be challenging to clean off. Debris will then build up on the lashes, potentially leading to a premature lash loss. If you hold back on the amount you use on or around your eyes, you won’t have to scrub and rub your lashes as hard or as long.  The more you mess with your lashes, the more likely you are to remove the extensions by accident!

Luckily, your new eyelash extensions will probably make mascara unnecessary anyway! A good brushing should rejuvenate the look and keep your lashes looking fresh. However, if you can’t live without mascara, use only a water-based product. Just like the wrong cleansers, oils in a mascara – often eucalyptus oil or animal-derived lanolin – will ruin the extension adhesive.


Remember: Be Gentle!


When you cleanse your lashes, remember to use a lot of care when doing so! Careful hands and attention are two of the best tools for keeping your lashes looking on point. If you do a lot of rubbing and messing with your lash line, this could cause your extensions to fall off before their time is up. 

If you follow our Proper Lash Extension Cleansing 101 guide, your extension will bond to your natural lashes as long as their growth cycle: roughly six weeks.